How to Clean a Doormat Properly at Home

A reception with a messy doormat is not expected to anyone. Moreover, a dirty and unhygienic doormat is enough to make a home unhealthy. That is why knowing how to clean a doormat easily but properly is IMPORTANT. I saw many people throw down violently doormat during cleaning. It may work for cleaning. But it is hard and it ruins the mat.

To solving all the related problem we are going to feature this article. We will discuss here the way to cleaning doormat. Even all the necessary information and tips will mention in this article also.

How to Clean a Doormat Step by Step

Both of regular cleaning and washing is important. For day to day cleaning you don’t need any water or there is no drying issue. On the other hand, after a certain time, you should wash it like a carpet.

Necessary Equipment for Cleaning Door Mat

  • A Vacuum doormat Cleaner is necessary to clean mat in each day.
  • Detergent and bowl to soak the mat in water.
  • Washing machine to clean the mat finely.
  • A good Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo also necessary for washing.

Scheme to Cleaning Coormat

Step 1: Basic cleaning

If you clean all the bulky dust before using the washing machine then it will make the process faster. Keep cold water in a bowl and put some detergent on it. When it got enough Foam then soak the doormat on it. No need to contort too much. A gentle try will detach all the bulky dust from the doormat.

On this step, you should remove all the bulky dust like stone, sand and other things. As detergent is not enough to clean doormat, we will go to the next step.

Step 2: Washing Matching Time

Put your Doormat on a washing machine. Get a Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo to the cleaning mat inside the machine. It will wash all the stain and malodor from the mat. Keep the washing machine in normal mode. Beware from fast cleaning. Fast mode will ruin your doormat.

Step 3: Drying

After washing the mat, it is important to make it dry. Many people grip hardly for drying which is not the proper way. Hook doormat in the air after cleaning. All the water will pour down from the mat. It will take 6-7 hours properly drying and become usable again.

How to Clean Doormat at Daily Life

In regular life, it does not important to have the doormat with water and soap. A Vacuum doormat Cleaner is enough to clean your doormat. The best time of regular cleaning is before sleeping each night. That’s will give you a very neat and clean morning the next day. Move the sucker end of a vacuum cleaner all the portion of the mat gently. At the same time don’t forget to clean under the mat.

If there is no vacuum cleaner and it is handy size doormat then you can Flick it for cleaning. But before flicking keep it away from home. Use a broom and Shovel to clean under the portion of the doormat.

Noteworthy Things for Cleaning Doormat

  • During basic cleaning put some germs cleaning liquid with the water. That will make your mat more germs free. Don’t add germs cleaner liquid on the washing machine.
  • Using a vacuum cleaner is better than flicking the mat on the wall. Because flicking doormat can be ruined faster. Even this is not good for the home environment.
  • I saw many people use warm water. Even some of then put hot air to dry the doormat faster. Both of thing is not good for the mat. Using cold water is the best thing for cleaning a mat.
  • After cleaning people hold the doormat and twist it. They do it to remove all the water from it and dry faster. But this practice works to decrease the durability of your mat.

Since people keep the doormat at the entrance of the home, it may be not possible to keep cleaning all the time. But you should clean it at least one time each day. Even washing it in once in every 15 days is also necessary. Moreover neat and clean doormat is a symbol of the fancy mentality of a house owner. Hope, you will keep your doormat clean and have a FRESH and healthy family.

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