How to clean a mouse sensor

Welcome here, Are you here to find guidelines about how to clean a mouse sensor? If your answer is yes. I would like to welcome you. In this place, I will tell you the complete guide to cleaning your mouse. A mouse is a very essential part of our device. That way we do our work on our PC or laptop. Without a mouse a computer is incomplete. So, we need to clean the mouse regularly. By cleaning the mouse regularly you can work smoothly. Also, your mouse will look stunning. Let’s see the guidelines about how to clean a mouse sensor.

What can I use to clean my mouse sensor?

Are you worried about what tools you need to clean a mouse sensor? Don’t be anxious. We are here to help you. You need just some simple tools to clean your mouse. These are:

  1. Mouse cleaner
  2. Microfiber cloth or soft cloth
  3. Toothpick
  4. Cotton swab
  5. Can air spray

Step by Step: How to clean a mouse sensor?

No matter what mouse you are using, you can clean any mouse after reading my article.

cleaning a wireless mouse, cleaning a mouse sensor Logitech, cleaning a razer mouse sensor, cleaning a gaming mouse sensor, etc will be easy.

I’ll provide you with the simple tricks step by step. Focus on my tricks very carefully. Let’s see the steps in cleaning the mouse:

  1. Step: Firstly, off the plugs. If your mouse is wireless, remove the battery.
  2. Step: Use the can air spray on your mouse. But, be careful before you. If it has water, it can damage your mouse. Make sure before use.
  3. Step: Now, use a cotton swab to remove dust, soil, oils, etc.
  4. Step:Then, use a toothpick to remove the heavy dirt from the inside.
  5. Step:Use some drops of mouse cleaner on your microfiber cloth or any soft cloth. Now, rubbing the mouse carefully. Don’t use too much cleaner water because water is dangerous for electronic devices. Also, don’t rub too much quickly.
  6. Step:After that, wait to dry the mouse or dry it with a cloth.
  7. Step: After drying, turn on the plugs and set up the batteries again.

Congratulations! You have learned how to clean a mouse sensor. Now, you can clean your computer mouse properly.

How to clean under mouse buttons

Some computer mouse has under mouse buttons removable system. If your mouse has a button removable system you can clean it after removing it. After removing it, rub it with a microfiber cloth with any mouse cleaner. If the mouse has no removable system, use air spray on it and rub it with the same process that I said already. 

Can I clean a mouse sensor with alcohol?

Yes, you can clean your mouse sensor with alcohol. But, mix  9%water with 1% alcohol to use. Otherwise, it might be dangerous for your device. Using just alcohol isn’t safe for your mouse sensor.

How can I reset my mouse sensor?

Unplug your computer mouse at first. And hold down the left and right buttons. Now,  plug the mouse into the computer while holding down the mouse buttons. In the end, release the button after five seconds.

Which clean is the best for cleaning mouse sensors?

Isopropyl alcohol is the best cleaner for cleaning a mouse sensor. You can buy it from any product shop. But, you can’t use it directly. You will have to use some drops of it with water. Also,  you need to use a cloth to clean.

What should I do if I don’t have any cleaner to clean a mouse sensor?

If you haven’t any cleaner to clean a mouse sensor, you can use warm water with mild soap. But, too much warm water is dangerous, Keep it in your mind.

Why should I clean my mouse sensor?

You should clean your mouse sensor regularly. Because if you don’t clean it regularly, your mouse can get dirty and it’ll decrease your mouse abilities. Then, you won’t work flawlessly. You may face many complications while working.

When should I clean my mouse sensor?

I would like to recommend that you clean your mouse sensor after every 2 weeks. When we do work with our mouse sensor regularly it becomes dirty easily. Also, a mouse can be dirty naturally. No matter whether you do work or not. So, cleaning is essential. Otherwise, it will have a bad impact on your work.

What will happen if I use the direct liquid in my mouse sensor?

Direct liquid aspects are very much dangerous for any electronic device. It can weaken your device. Also, accidents can happen because of it. So, don’t try to do it. If you don’t want accidents.

What should I do if my wireless mouse is not working on my keyboard?

You should check your keyboard properly. Also, check your mouse. After checking If this isn’t working, you should contact a nearby computer service provider.

What will happen if I clean my mouse sensor regularly?

If you clean your mouse regularly, it’ll provide you with great service during work. A good mouse is required to do better work. A grimy mouse doesn’t convey you the favorable opportunities to do work.  Fractions of a mouse get wrecked for irregular cleaning also. Never be a careless user.

Frequently Ask and Question.

Can I use an alcohol wipe cleaner to clean a mouse sensor?

Yes, you can. But, you have to be careful while cleaning a mouse with an alcohol wipe. You need to be sure your alcohol wipe is safe for cleaning your mouse. Every alcohol cleaner isn’t safe.

Can I use hand sanitizer to clean a mouse sensor?

You can. But, some of these are dangerous to clean your mouse sensor. Every hand sanitizer isn’t the same. Some have dangerous elements that can ruin your mouse.

Is warm water safe for my mouse sensor?

If you use too much warm water it can be harmful. You should use limited warm water with a microfiber cloth.

Is a vacuum cleaner safe to clean a mouse sensor?

Yes, it is safe to use. You can use a vacuum cleaner without any trouble. It will help your mouse sensor remove oils, dust, and soil. A vacuum cleaner will clean the dust of a mouse’s inside very appropriately. Even it will remove the dirties that we can’t see in our eyes.


Every electronic device has some warnings to maintain while cleaning.  Otherwise, the device can be damaged. So, before cleaning let’s see the cautions.

  • Don’t use the direct liquid. Use just some of the drops.
  • Before cleaning off your plugs or removing batteries.
  • Don’t use too much water.


Thank you for reading our article carefully. Now, you don’t need to be concerned about how to clean a mouse sensor. We studied a lot to give you a perfect recommendation. I hope our hard work is successful. Be considerate about conserving the tricks that are mentioned in this article

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