How to clean a smiley piercing

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Does a smiley piercing hurt?

Yes, it can hurt. Basically, all of these are hurting. But smiley piercings hurt more than others. Because the area of smiley piercing is very soft. Lip or nose piercings aren’t hurting like smiley piercings. If your area is thick, it’ll hurt you less. Your smiley piercing area is very soft, that’s why smiley piercings are hurting more. Furthermore, if you fix your smiley piercing placement incorrectly, unfortunately, it’ll be dangerous for you. Before fixing any smiley piercing rings you have to be comprehensive. 

Smiley piercing gum recession

Because of fixing a smiley piercing ring, your gum can be damaged. A fixer will have to be extremely sensible while fixing it. Otherwise, it might be very dangerous. Smiley piercing pain will be increased for wrong placement. Also, the gum will be injured because this gum area is very soft. 

Carefulness must be required here.

How to clean an eyebrow piercing?

To avoid infection of eyebrows you need to clean your eyebrow jewelry.

  • Use sea salt or any homemade piercing cleaner with warm water.
  •  And take it into cotton then rinse your eyebrow piercing carefully. Don’t wipe it deeply. Otherwise, the eyebrow can bleed and hurt.
  • Now, wash your face with cool water. Let your face dry. 

How to clean a smiley piercing?

You can get the tricks to clean smiley piercing after skimming this. Let’s see the tricks. Usually, all of the piercing cleaning processes are the same. But, there are some different things to know.

  • Use sea salt with water and rub cotton into the smiley piercing slowly, twice a day.
  • Rubbing the left and right sides.
  • Now, wash your mouth with a mouthwash appropriately.
  • After eating, wash your mouth.
  • Try to brush your teeth twice a day.

How to clean lip piercing?

Lip piercing is incredibly fashionable. But if you don’t clean your lip piercing jewelry regularly. Your lip piercing glamour can be decreased.

  • Take sea salt and warm water or other lip-piercing cleaners.
  • Take the clear on cotton rubbing this on lip piercing. Carefully, wet the outside and inside of it.

How to clean a conch piercing?

Conch piercings are also impressive. But it will be dirty if you don’t rub it. 

  • Sea salt with warm water or any other conch-piercing cleaner.
  • Use a smooth cloth or cotton on the conch piercing cleaning.
  • Wetting the conch-piercing jewelry that you are wearing.
  • Clean it slowly.
  •  Wash it.

How to clean a piercing hole?

Before cleaning your piercing hole, you should be sure about its healing. Otherwise, it can invent any accident. A piercing hole takes four-six weeks to heal.

You should clean it daily if you don’t want germs and infections.

  • Mix sea salt with warm water and other cleaners you want. But don’t use cheap products.
  • Take it on a cotton and rub it on the hole very carefully. Don’t rub rapidly. Because it can bleed.

Frequently Ask and Question

Can I clean my piercing with hydrogen peroxide?

No, you can’t. Don’t use hydrogen and alcohol products to clean piercing. This makes unwanted aspects. These aspects don’t let the piercing hole heal. By using these, many infections also can be formulated. Try to consult with a doctor, he will also give you the same suggestions as me.

Can I use a contact solution to clean my piercing?

No, don’t use it whenever you clean your piercing. Contact solutions have many dangerous elements. These dangerous elements aren’t essential for our skin. Furthermore, don’t try to use any related products as a contact solution. Neither of these is safe for skin. Your skin can be ruined.

Can I clean my piercing with alcohol?

No, you can’t. This is a very bad idea to clean your piercings with alcohol. Because alcohol has many harmful aspects. These aspects can provide a very bad impact on your piercing’s area. You have to face many difficulties if you use alcohol while cleaning. It doesn’t cure your piercing hole. Bacterias and many bad effects also can be created. No matter how much you care about your piercing’s maintenance. If you use alcohol your carefulness won’t be workable.

Can I use iodized salt to clean my piercing?

No, don’t use iodized salt to clean your piercing. Sea salt is the best piercing cleaner. Iodized salt isn’t a good thing for using while cleaning piercings. This iodized salt cannot clean it. You can use sea salt without any suspicion.

Can I use pink Himalayan salt to clean my piercing?

You can use pink Himalayan salt to clean your piercing. If you don’t have sea salt, you can use pink Himalayan salt instead of sea salt. But, don’t use any type of Himalayan salt. Only pink Himalayan salt is acceptable.


  •  Smiley piercing provides a unique as well as fashionable look.
  • Intensify the attraction of your smile.
  • Give you an impressive personality.
  • Easy to fix and remove.
  •  Different types of designs are available.


  • Smiley piercings hurt a lot.
  • Unsatisfactory fixing can damage your gum.
  • It can Increase infection of your lips, and gum.
  • Difficult to hide.
  • Should be very thorough while using it.


All of these piercings are very easy to clean. But it can be risky if you don’t follow some warnings.

  • Don’t rub any piercing fast. If you rub these fastly it can bleed and damage your piercing’s area.
  •  Consult with a nearby doctor if you see any kind of infection.
  • Wash piercings two or three times a day.
  • Don’t use cheap products.
  •  Don’t use any thick clothes for cleaning. 


Stylish people always like to be attractive. Piercings are a unique opportunity to get a different look. But, a person has to care after wearing any piercings. I hope you will be satisfied after reading our post and will be able to know how to clean a piercing. Our inquiry will be helpful for you, I can say it without any doubt.

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