How to Clean Matte Nails and Restore to Natural

For fashion-conscious women, cleaning matte nails is a huge skill. But interestingly the most of way they use to cleaning are turn to wrong. As a result after cleaning, they never get back their nail like natural. So this is essential to know the proper way to cleaning own nails.

Still, before knowing how to clean matte nails, it is important to ken which ingredient we should use to cleaning. Further, it has some hacks which can make cleaning easier. Here this session is going to be all about matte nails cleaning and hacks. Moreover used ingredient will be portrayed shortly.

How to Clean Matte Nails on the Proper way

Step 1: Remove the Incondite stain

To make a Stain cleaning solution we need 250ml hot water. Excessive level of warm water is provident. Put couple spoon of lemon and a spoon of baking soda with it. Keep your hand and nail into this solution at least 5 minutes. Vitamin C of lemon will repair your nail edge skin. And baking soda is a good stain remover. After this, all the incondite stain will remove from your nail.

Step 2: Detach Stubborn Spots

If there any stubborn spots remain then you need a hairspray. But before that keep your nail on a towel or tissue paper. Get an Acrylic Nail Brush and sink it in remover solution. Drug it on the stubborn spots until it will remove. Gently rub is needed to removing. After cleaning use hairspray on your nail. Here you can use Q-Tip as an alternative of Acrylic Nail Brush.

Step 3: Get the Natural Restoration

After cleaning all the Stain and spots, natural restoration is essential. After spray hairspray, your nail will become dry and looks so sick. It needs some moisture. Put Tea tree oil one your nail. Keep it at least 5 minutes to get the better result. It will develop your nail from inside and bring back its natural glow. Even without cleaning you can use it once each night.

Step 4: Coating for the Final Restoration

Use a tissue paper to remove the tea tree oil. Keep some nail gel on Acrylic Nail Brush. Then coat it on your nail. Keep concern to your skin. Keep it away from nail gel. It never needs more than 2 minutes to dry. And finally, it will get you back the natural and healthy nail.

Hack your Trouble to Cleaning Matte nails

  • For regular cleaning use your rejected toothbrush. It will work to cleaning in size of the zigzag edge of the nail.
  • Keep concern about using facial cream or similar cosmetics. Those can be the reason for nail stain.
  • During buying nail polish, keep away from the harsh product. It can damage your nail easily.
  • Protein, vitamin-D, and omega-3 is good for nails. Keep that nutrition in your food menu.

Regular cleaning and take care can protect nails from unexpected damage. Moreover, it never needs more than 2-3 minute for regular cleaning. Polish and well-looked nails are not only stylish. Beside of this, polish nails are the part of the personality of people. So it does not have a chance to avoid regular taking care of it. Stay clean and happy.

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