How to clean a touch screen computer? Do’s and Don’t

As a touch screen computer user, you should acquire knowledge about how to clean a touch computer screen. Otherwise, your touch computer screen can be dirty and damaged. Generally, we use our touch screen computer with figures, that’s why the screen gets dirty quickly. Furthermore, if you don’t recognize how to clean a touch computer screen properly, your touch computer screen can be wrecked. So, you should comprehend the perfect technique to clean your touch screen computer. We all love our devices too much. We don’t want to demolish these. We should be aware of these cleaning as well as maintenance. Let’s skim our article. We’ll provide you with easy and amazing tricks for perfect cleaning.

What to clean the touch screen with         

Cleaning a touch screen computer is essential but you can’t clean it with anything you want. You need some simple elements to clean these are:

  • Water or touch screen glass cleaner
  • Microfiber cloth or soft cloth.

If you haven’t any microfiber cloth near to hand, you can use the soft cloth that you have. But don’t use any heavy cloth. Try to purchase a pure touch screen cleaner that is safe for your device. But you can’t use the cleaner cause continually using cleaner isn’t safe for touch screen computers. Generally, you should use water drops.

Step by step:How to clean a touch computer screen

Now, I’ll explain some tricks so that you’ll be able to know how to clean a touch computer screen properly step by step.

  • First of all, turn off the button on your computer and put off the electronic plugs.
  • Gradually wipe your computer screen with a dry microfiber or soft cloth. This trick will remove dust, oils, and dirty things from your computer screen.
  • Then use some drops of water or a touch computer screen cleaner on a microfiber cloth. Again, wetting the touch screen computer appropriately. Don’t leave any area of it.
  • After that, let dry the microfiber cloth and again clean the screen with the microfiber cloth to make the screen dry.
  • Turn on your computer when the screen gets dry.

Try to conserve these tricks due to cleaning your device. You won’t be gloomy after using it. Our exploration is made of deep research. We can say that without having any doubts these are enough for cleaning your device.

How to clean a touch computer screen with home ingredients?

Usually, we can use water. But sometimes we need to use a touch screen cleaner. If you don’t have any touch screen cleaner you can use home ingredients like baking soda or white vinegar. You can use white vinegar or baking soda with water as a homemade computer touchscreen cleaner. I hope this homemade computer touch screen cleaner recipe will be beneficial for you. Whenever you want to clean your device you can make it. Be comprehensive because too much use isn’t good for your device.

When should you clean a touch computer screen?        

Better to clean a touch computer screen after every time you use it. But it gets difficult. I think you should clean your touch screen every 15 days or whenever you want to clean it. Don’t be lazy to clean it. A touch computer screen gets dirty easily because we control it by using our hands. That’s why it gets dirty because of our figure prints. Furthermore, germs and dust are invented naturally within some days. I like to recommend that you clean your device every day with a dry microfiber cloth or soft cloth. 

Are home ingredients safe to clean a computer touch screen?

Sometimes using baking soda or white vinegar should be safe but don’t use it regularly and too much. Avoid using mild soap because these are not good for touch screen computers. Only water can be the best cleaner for a computer touch screen. Because water has no chemical that damages your device. But, sometimes you need a perfect cleaner to remove heavy dust, oil, and germs. That time you can make the homemade cleaner so that you can clean your device’s obstacles. This homemade cleaner is more beneficial than a product cleaner.

What will happen if I use mild soap to clean a  touch screen computer?

Mild soap isn’t a good aspect to clean a touch screen computer. You shouldn’t use mild soap to clean any touch screen. Because it can make your touch screen ruined.  Mild soap isn’t a good choice for cleaning. These aren’t made for cleaning any touch screen device. If you want to use any homemade cleaner you can use white vinegar and baking soda. But don’t try to use mild soap.

Can you use hand sanitizer to clean a touchscreen computer?

No, you can’t. hand sanitizer is dangerous to clean a touch screen computer. If you use it to clean your device it makes your screen scarred. Hand sanitizer is specially made for using hands and killing germs. This commodity is unsuitable for cleaning your device. Use any high-quality cleaner or homemade cleaner that we said. But don’t use any hand sanitizer.

Can you use any cloth to clean a touch screen computer?

No, you can’t. You need a quality microfiber cloth to clean your touchscreen computer. Don’t use any microfiber cloth. Cheap-rated microfiber cloth has no better capacity. Cheap-rated microfiber cloth can make your device dirtier and damaged instead of cleaning.

Buy a microfiber cloth from any cleaner product store.


While cleaning any electronic device we should maintain many things. Otherwise, careless cleaning can produce accidents. The touch computer screen is also an electronic device. So, we have to conserve some warning.

  • Don’t use any heavy cloth. Because a heavy cloth can damage your computer screen.
  • Don’t use direct water, it’ll be dangerous for your device.
  • Don’t use too much liquid while cleaning.
  • Always turn your computer off before cleaning it.
  • Don’t use any low-quality microfiber cloth.
  • Don’t use tissue paper because tissue can make scratches on our computer touch screen

Try to follow all the tricks that I mentioned. Otherwise, you can demolish your device.

Carefulness is required while cleaning.


Hopefully, you now have the perfect concept about how to clean a touch computer screen. We researched a lot about this matter. I hope our research will be helpful for you. Luckily, if you obey our tricks properly you don’t need to read any other article. Our terrific tricks are enough to clean and care for your device.  Furthermore, try to follow the instructions appropriately. These cleaning steps will provide you with an incredible and fresh look on your device. Then you can do work without any trouble. 

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