How to clean mold out of window ac unit

Is your window ac unit getting moldy? Are you worried about its cleaning process? Don’t be upset. I will give you the solution of how to clean mold out of the window ac unit. Just skim our instructions properly. Then, you’ll be able to clean your window ac unit appropriately. Because of continual use, an ac can get moldier. On hot summer days, we use ac too much.

But, in winter we don’t use ac like in summer. Because winter is a cold season. However, in winter your ac gets also moldy. Because getting moldy is natural. That’s why every six months you should clean your ac. Let’s learn the steps of cleaning.

What do you Need to Clean mold out of the window ac unit?

To clean an ac we will need some tools. Which will help us to clean the ac. Before starting the cleaning process you should arrange the tools.

  • Soft cloth
  • 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • Scrub brush
  • Detergent, mild soap ( you can use any chemical cleaner)
  • Screwdriver
  • Warm water
  • Sponge
  • Container
  • Spray bottle
  • Hand gloves
  • Face masks.

Step by Step on how to clean a window ac unit with mold

Before cleaning an ac, you should know how to clean a window ac unit.

Now, we’ll learn the steps of the cleaning process. Focus on my directions properly. My steps will help you to clean your lovely ac.

Step-1: First of all, before starting cleaning use face masks and hand gloves.

remove the ac and disconnect the wires. and set up the ac in a suitable place.

Step 2: Take a large container, and mix the ac mold cleaner that you want to use with warm water. Mix it by hand.

Step 3: Open the face grill of ac. Soak it in the container. Then, open the screws of your ac. Putting off the filter and metal cover from the inside. Soak all of these in a warm water container for fifteen minutes.

Step 4: Now, fill a spray bottle with soapy water.  Spray on dirty areas and clean them with a scrub brush. Wet the outer and inside sides of the ac with the scrub brush.

Step-5: Now, use a soft cloth or sponge. Wet the ac now. Clean and clean until the dirties are gone.

Step-6: Now, clean the metal cover, and face grill filter with the brush. Wash them with clean water after cleaning.

Step 7: Wash the ac with clean water now by using a pipe. Then, spray the 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Step 8: Now, let the ac dry. After drying it, set it up again.

Does vinegar kill mold in air conditioners?

Yes, vinegar can kill mold in your ac. If you don’t have any chemical cleaner at home. You can simply use it instead of any ac mold cleaner. It is a great weapon for a better cleaner. You can choose it as an option.

combine one cup of vinegar with one gallon of water together. Mix these until blend properly.  You can use this water without any crises. Just follow my cleaning tricks. You can follow all the tricks as I said.

What kind of mold grows in window air conditioners?

Fusarium, acremonium, Trichoderma, mucor, Stachybotrys, etc types of molds can grow in your ac. Normally, you should regularly clean your ac so that molds can’t grow easily. Try to keep your ac clean often.

The perfect time for cleaning is after six months. After every six months trying to clean it. Otherwise, dirties will wreck your ac.

How to prevent mold in window air conditioners?

1. Try to buy an ac that has Humidity control. Because it controls the mold automatically. It doesn’t let the mold grow.

2. Never stop your ac while going outside or on a trip. Because this time dirties can grow easily. Humidity control will cover the temperature.

3. Wet the face grill and metal cover with a soft cloth. Also, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the inner molds. Because of regular cleaning with vacuum cleaner molds can’t rise easily.

4. Try to clean the ac fully after every six months.

How to clean mold out of a window air conditioner without removing it?

If you don’t want to remove the window air conditioner while cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner to clean it. The vacuum cleaner will assist you to reduce the molds easily.

Then, use a soft scrub brush and a soapy water spray to clean it entirely. Just spray on the moldy areas and rinse with a scrub soft brush. 

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How do you clean mold out of an air conditioner with vinegar?

First, bring a cup of vinegar and a gallon of warm water. Then, mix these. After that, take a spray bottle and fill it with the water that you made.

Now, open the face grill, filter, and metal cover of your ac. Let them soak in the water. Then, wet the AC’s inner and outer with a soft brush and sponge. Then, rinse the grill, and filter the metal cover by following the same process.

Wash the ac and the equipment now. That’s it.


  • Don’t try to use too much warm water.
  • Don’t give too much pressure while cleaning
  • After six months cleaning is needed.
  • Always disconnect the plugs before cleaning.

Frequently Ask Questions.

Why does my new AC smell musty?

You need to clean the coils of your ac. If the smell is still coming after cleaning the coils, check out the other issues.

Does a new air conditioner have a smell once in a while?

Yes, for the plastic and paint smell can come. Don’t be afraid. It is an ordinary issue.

How healthy is an AC to human health?

Ac can be life-saving equipment on summer days. Many patients can’t handle the hot temperature. That’s why they need ac badly. On the other hand, ac can be unhealthy for us. If you don’t clean ac regularly with the perfect regulations it can raise many bad health impacts.

Do air conditioners bring in fresh air from outside?

No, ac isn’t designed for outside. Ac can provide only inner cooling. Ac needs a closed room for cooling air. Its systems aren’t workable outside. Well, don’t use it outside.

How to remove the musty smell from the window air conditioner?

Firstly identify the reason for the musty smell. Because of many reasons, your ac can grow a musty smell.
You can clean the coils. Replace the filters and grills. If you can realize the smell after all of these. Just contact an electrician.

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