Brilliant Tips for Carpet Cleaning From Pro

It is a sad fact of life that we all have chores to do; one of these is the carpet cleaning of course. And as tiresome as this gets, it is kind of important to maintain a clean and healthy home. As a minimum, the floors should be vacuumed on a weekly basis of course, but here is some brilliant advice to really keep things looking their best.

Other than the routine vacuuming, it is imperative that any marks and stains are cleaned up as soon as they are spotted. Equally important to clear up are those annoying spillages that will happen from time to time.

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Start the Tips for carpet cleaning

It is always good to have stain removal creams and lotions in the home but, it is often the case that a spill occurs just as you have run out, or the cream is just a solid block in the can! Fortunately, household items can come to the rescue.

Attack, always being the best form of defense, it is vital to immediately soak up any excess liquid with a clean absorbent cloth, and apply a small amount of white vinegar. This will help lift the stain, and also mask any odor. To make things simpler still, it could be worth having a ready prepared solution of white vinegar and water to hand in the cupboard.

The same process should be followed with red wine stains too, though if you can incorporate a little carpet shampoo or detergent things may be easier. Once applied, sponge the area until the stain lifts off, sponge clean with warm water, and soak up excess water with an absorbent cloth.

Blood too can be gotten rid off quite easily. Again, the worst should be removed with absorbent towel, whilst cleaning should take place with a small amount of detergent, some warm water, and a small brush such as a toothbrush. The area should be rinsed and dried as above, before adding ammonia for ten minutes. Another clean with the water and detergent, and drying with absorbent cloth should now be all it takes.

Another great piece of advice, particularly for the pet owner, is to use a generous sprinkling of baking soda to remove odors. Cover the carpet with the powder once a month or so and leave overnight and simply vacuum away in the morning for smell free rooms.

It is always good to give all carpets a thorough clean every now and then; certainly once a year as spring is on its way out. Carpet cleaning machines can be hired of course; but it may be easier and more effective to call the professionals in whilst you have a deserved day off.

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