How to Clean Cloth Mouse Pad In 5 Steps

Hey, do you want to know how to clean a cloth mouse pad? If you are, I would like to tell you that you’re now in the right place. We’ll provide you with the whole concept of cleaning a cloth mouse pad. You have probably already searched many sites about it. However, after reading our article you won’t go anywhere. I can say that without any doubt.  Further, we’ll provide you with many techniques for you to know about how to carry a cloth mouse pad besides cleaning. Remember, one thing, you can’t use these tricks while cleaning RGB mouse pad or wire mouse pad. Let’s read our guilds carefully.

Which tools will I need to clean a cloth mouse pad?

You’ll need some simple tools to clean a cloth mouse pad. You won’t need to buy anything. These tools are always available at our home.

  • Mild dish soap or detergent
  • Towel
  • Brush

These are very ordinary tools. Everyone’s home has these tools. Easily you can find the tools from your home.

How to clean a cloth mouse pad?

Easily, you can rinse your cloth mouse pads. The steps are very simple. Anyone can follow the tricks properly. Oils, dust, and soils are formulated simply. Even,  If you don’t use your mouse for a long time, your mouse pad will get dirty. Learning about its cleaning process is necessary.

Step 1: Firstly, take your cloth mouse pad near a basin or bathtub. You can use a large bowl also.

Step 2: Use detergent or mild soap with warm water in it. But, not too warm.

Step 3: Now, scrub it with a blush. Focus on the dirties. Scrubbing it until the dirties will vanish. Scrubbing it from the upper and lower, again and again. Rinse also the inside of it.

Step 4: Now, take a dry towel and wet it appropriately.

Step 5: Dry it with your fan before setting it again or let it dry in natural air. I think natural air is the best alternative.

 That’s the end. I know that now you have realized that the tricks are truly simple. Moreover, it is easy to obey. There are no complications to maintain. Cleaning a mouse pad is extremely crucial. Not only for heightening its outer surface glamor. Rather, the cleaning necessity is needed for removing the dust. Otherwise, your mouse becomes slow and useless. Then, you don’t perform your work perfectly.

When should I clean a cloth mouse pad?

A mouse is a very effective fraction of our work. And a mouse pad will help us to look after it. I think you should rinse your cloth mouse pad every month. Because of office work or other work we have to use our mouse a lot. After using it for a few days it becomes dirty. That’s why I want to recommend that monthly cleaning is better for it. Because of regularly cleaning your mouse pad’s outer surface will be dirty. Furthermore, you can’t fulfill your work smoothly. The mouse will become dirty and unnecessary. Like your computer, keyboard, or mouse you should clean your mouse pad too.

Can I clean a cloth mouse pad in the washing machine?

Yes, you can wash it. Nevertheless, before cleaning you should be convinced about its material. Because every mouse pad isn’t suitable for washing machine cleaning. All are not made for washing machines. However, You can clean a cloth mouse pad in a washing machine.

But, hand washing is a better way of cleaning instead of washing machines. A Washing Machine has some obstacles. These can wreck your mouse pad.

Is cleaning a cloth mouse pad safe to clean in a washing machine?

You can wash your cloth mouse pad in a washing machine. But, every time cleaning in a washing machine isn’t safe. By cleaning continually in a wash washing machine your mouse pad can get damaged. Better to clean it with your hands. A Mouse pad’s cloth has impressive fabrics. It is a good way to stay clean and care for your mouse. But, through a washing machine cleaning the fabrics of your cloth mouse pad can get demolished.

Why is a mouse pad needed?

A mouse pad protects your mouse. It helps to keep a fresh and new look. Dirty elements can’t easily make your mouse dusty. A Mouse pad will give it safety. Moreover, it will provide an outstanding as well as incredible look to the mouse’s outer surface. Mouse pads are available in various categories. You can choose one of these that is suitable for your computer mouse. You can buy your favorite mouse pad from any shop. Presently, these are available online too. But, before buying make sure about the qualities.

Can my mouse pad get damaged because of cleaning?

If you obey the basic principles of cleaning, your mouse pad won’t get damaged. Nevertheless, if you are being careless to maintain the basic principles your mouse pad can be ruined. Carefulness is needed whenever you want to clean your mouse pad.

Can I dry my cloth mouse pad in a hair dryer?

No, you can’t. A hairdryer is dangerous to clean your cloth mouse pad. A hairdryer can make your mouse pad damaged. An air dryer is the best option for it. Natural air is better than any other option. Natural air has no harmful effects like a hairdryer.

Also, you can dry it by using your fan.


Cautions are important to obey. Without obeying the cautions you can ruin your mouse pad. So,  before cleaning try to read the rules very carefully. Make a short list of it. And, take it near to your eyes, When you want to clean your mouse pad. A simple fault can cause a huge loss.

  • Avoiding too much warm water.
  • Don’t scrub the brush too fastly.
  • Don’t wash too much in a washing machine.

I know that you don’t want to spoil your mouse pad. Be Comprehensive while cleaning it. Don’t think after making a mistake. Think before you do it. Mistakes are a common thing for us. But, there is no harm in being careful while cleaning.


I hope after skimming our article you have learned about How to clean a cloth mouse pad. Our tricks are very simple. Wordiness isn’t necessary here.

No matter how many times you use your mouse, it naturally becomes dirty.

Make this habit to clean your mouse pad monthly. Our article will help you to accomplish it faultlessly. This guide has all of the information that you need for cleaning your mouse pad.

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