How to Clean Mattress Cover and Restore to Healthy

A healthy mattress is essential for a healthy bed. Still, a mattress cover is too much important to keep it healthy. That’s why you should choose a better method to clean the cover and take care of it. But when I saw none have proper knowledge about how to clean mattress cover is too much disappointed. Even knowing to dry and take care of it are also important.

So this session is going to all about mattress cover. You will learn how to clean cover like Utopia Mattress Protector. Another essential thing will be mentioned below.

How to Clean Mattress Cover Within a few Steps

For cleaning mattress cover we recommend washing machine for washing. By using hand it does not possible to remove all the stain from the cover. As always we are going to describe all the ingredients first.

Required Ingredient for Cleaning Cover

  • Warm or cold water is important in order to the type of your mattress cover
  • A Laundry soap bar which is better for cleaning all basic stain.
  • Soft laundry detergent is needed for cleaning.
  • As optional we need a dryer to dry the mattress cover after cleaning.
  • Need a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the fur and other airborne dust.

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Procedure to Wash the Mattress cover

Step 1: Uncover the Mattress

After uncovering the mattress, removing fur is become pretty hard. But it will be easier if we remove fur before uncover. We need a vacuum cleaner or a broom to remove. Clean all the parts of the cover gently. All the fur, fiber of Cotton and another thing should be cleaned before open the cover.

Step 2: Basic Cleaning

After removing we have to clean all the basic stain of the cover. Soak the mattress cover in water. Get a Laundry soap bar and rub it on the spot of stain. You can use a brush to clean all the basic stain. This is not necessary at this step to remove all the dust of the cover.

Step 3: Overall Cleaning

When all the remarkable stain we need to use a washing machine for finalizing the cleaning. For using washing matching Soft laundry detergent is recommended. It will keep away your cloth to Erosion. During cleaning the mattress cover inside the washing machine, no need to change its mode from manual. 

Step 4: Drying

While the cleaning will be complete, it is also important to dry it in a proper way. Drying in hot temperature is a wrong way which can ruin its cotton. It may save you some time but it will destroy the color and durability of the cover. If you use the dryer to dry, then set its temperature on average or low to dry.

Remember during cleaning:

  • Using perfume during cleaning is a wrong practice what people often do. Even there some people who spray perfume on mattress cover to remove the smell of detergent. But it can be the reason for allergy and flu. To remove the detergent smell, you can soak the cover in vinegar water before drying.
  • To make the cover soft, often people use fabric softener. But it can be the reason for Erosion on the cover. Moreover, the chemical ingredients of fabric softener can make the cover unhygienic. Washing the cover in laundry detergent water is enough for its cleaning.
  • Keep away from the wet mattress cover. It is unhygienic and it can become dusty easily. Even it is not reasonable to keep the cover without drying after washing. Moreover, you should properly dry the mattress cover.
  • Dry mattress cover in high temperature is the wrong way to drying. High temperatures can destroy covers color and ruin its durability. So at the time of drying cover keep your dryer at low temperature. But there will no problem if you keep it under the sun to dry.

Daily cleaning by using broom can keep a mattress cover cleaner. Even tho after regular use your mattress pad can become unhygienic. Human Carried virus, fur, sweat, and dust make it unhealthy. So the best practice is a clean mattress cover at least every 7 days. And of course, after cleaning make use you dry it properly. Remember wet mattress covers are unhygienic too.

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