How to Clean Silhouette mat With Simple Steps

Normally people are familiar with silhouette mat by other names. Circuit mat or cutting mat is the most common name. Its use in laboratories, universities or even in the house. After regular use, it can become got stain easily. Then once it becomes important to cleaning. If people have no idea about How to clean silhouette mat, they go to buy a new one. In this article, we are going to talk about the way of cleaning the silhouette mat. I hope it will save your money from buying a new mat.

How to Clean Silhouette mat at Home Environment

After each cleaning cutting mat becomes Sticky again. This is the very normal behavior of this type of mat. so know all the cleaning equipment and keep them home are important. Let’s explain all of those.

Require equipment to cleaning:

  • Soapy water and scrubber for the basic stain cleaner.
  • A Sticky lint roller for cleaning fiber.
  • Dritz Basting Spray ensures the protection of edge.
  • Baby wipes for regular cleaning.

Way to Cleaning Silhouette mat:

Step 1: Clean with soapy water

At early times, you have to wash the silhouette with soapy water. For this purpose, you can use liquid soap. Either normal deter with water is good for it. Then soak the silhouette in soapy water and wipe it softly. If you think it is necessary then you can include some hot water as well as. But too much warm water is provident.

Step 2: Dry in the air

When washing in soapy water, we have to dry it under air. No need to dry it under hot air. If you think you need to hurry, then you can get a towel for fast drying.

Step 3: Sticky Things Removing

After drying it is important to remove sticky things. Baby wipes are the best option for removing sticky things. But it should be alcohol-free. Wipe all the parts of the mat gently. Both parts should be wiped.

Step 4: Fabrics Cleaning

To remove all the fiber, and other similar things from the silhouette, it needs a Sticky lint roller. Roll this from up to bottom of the mat. Don’t forget to roll either part of the mat. It will remove all the unwanted fiber, fur and micro dust from this. if you don’t have any roller to your home, you can use tape as an alternative of roller.

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Look Video how to Cleaning Silhouette mat

Protection of silhouette Edge:

After cleaning and drying it is necessary to ensure the protection of the edge. For that, you should cover all the edges are with tape. If you feel the necessity then go for a wide tape. That’s all are depends on your Silhouette design. Then spray Dritz Basting Spray on the tape. It will ensure the edge of the Silhouette mats protection that they are safe while you insert it in the machine.

Keep concern During Dleaning Silhouette mat

  • Any type of Alcohol is not good for the silhouette mat. Using alcohol can make change in the mat element and damage it soon. It maybe works faster during cleaning. Rather use baby wiper which is good as well as.
  • As an alternative to liquid soap, dish soap is the best solution. Even it does not Erosion the build of the mat. The proper amount of dish soap and medium warm water can clean faster and save your time.
  • If you have a large mat and don’t have a big bucket to soak it, you need an alternative way. using soap spray can be a solution. Spray all the corners and rub on it with a towel or scrubber.
  • The metal scrubber is not good for silhouette mat cleaning. Moreover, it makes a scratch on the mat and damages the normal appearance. It is better to use a cotton or nylon scrubber for cleaning.

I saw people change silhouettes after become dirty. This is a waste where you can clean dirty silhouettes by pay less then to buy a new one. Even it does not need more than 5 minutes to clean. It does not have any specific time for regular cleaning. But don’t forget to clean after it becomes dirty. Careful use and regular cleaning can make the lifetime longer. On the other hand, a clean environment will make your working place Healthy.

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