How to Clean Yoga mat Manduka With Essential Tips

Most of the health-conscious people keep a yoga mat in their house. After regular use sweat, fur and other dust make the mat unhealthy. So it is important to clean it after regular time and restore it to healthy. Otherwise, it will be the reason for skin and other diseases. So if you know how to clean yoga mat manduka at home then you will be BENEFICIARY.

To instruct the easiest way of yoga mat cleaning here we write this article. All the easy steps of cleaning will help to save your time. Even you will mention here with all the necessary tips as well as below.

How to clean yoga mat Manduka at Home

For your stain or smelly yoga mat cleaning all the ingredients are described below.

Obligate Equipment to Cleaning

  • For removing the smell, you need hypoallergenic laundry detergent soap.
  • Keep an Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner at home for cleaning yoga mat
  • A Towel to wipe and clean on the mat.
  • Clean water and bathtub to soak it properly.

Procedure to Wash Affected Yoga mat

Step 1: Soak it on Water

You need a bathtub or a similar size bowl. If you don’t have then get something similar to it. fill half of its inside with water and put some hypoallergenic laundry detergent. Add 1.2 spoon detergent in each 5-liter water. Don’t forget to mix the soap with water until it makes foam.

Soak the mat in the water. If possible soak it on the way, where it will no fold in any part. Keep it in the bathtub for 10 minutes. No need to add hot or too much hot water with it.

Step 2: Handwork Time

Bring the mat from the water after 10 minutes. Get a soft towel for wiping on it. If you don’t have a towel then cotton scrubber can it is alternative. Wipe the mat on each stain and dirty spot properly. If need then includes some liquid soap and water during cleaning. Rinse all the corners properly.

Step 3: Soak Aagain

After wiping all the parts of the mat you have to soak it again in water. In this step, you are going to wash all the dirt and detergent from the mat. Properly cleaning maybe need to change water 2 or 3 times. But keep the concern from the waste of water.

Step 4: Dry and Complete the Process

When it ensures the Safely Clean, then it is necessary to dry. At first roll the yoga pad. When you will roll the pad, it will start to abandonment the 80% water from its inside. Then hang the pad on the air. It will take 3-4 hours to become dry properly.

Effective Wash After Each use

In the market, you will have an Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner which is very suitable for cleaning it. After each use or at least one time in the week, you can get this for cleaning. For cleaning take some organic cleaner in a cloth. And wipe it on the yoga mat gently. Even it does not take more than 2-3 minutes that you can do after each use.

Things you Should Know About Yoga mat

  • People do not pay concentration to dry after cleaning or using. After each use, it may become wet and smelly. It is better to dry properly after become wet. Even if you want you can use Yoga mat spray before use.
  • For this type of cleaning purpose Avoid washing machines. Even after washing don’t twist it.
  • Never keep a yoga mat in any stagnant place for a long time. it will lose the durability of the mat. Even germs and fungus can attack it easily if you keep it in a stagnant place.

Know hoow to clean a doormat like pro.

In regular use, yoga mat can become sticky and unhealthy. That’s why people should clean at least one time each month. But in the gym, I saw a different image. Their lots of people who use the same mat for exercise. I prefer to purchase a personal mat that will be used by only one person. After each use, if you hang the mat on air it will become dry. And dry yoga mat has become unhygienic slowly. Remember unhygienic yoga mat ruins the aim or your exercise. That’s why don’t forget to clean your mat after a certain time.

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